Information for Presenters 2023


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Instructions for Preparing and Presenting Sessions


COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL: Please make sure you do not include any copyrighted material—including music, audio clips, video, and photos—unless you can provide us with licensing information (i.e., the YouTube Content ID Code) in advance. Copyright infringements are closely monitored and could result in automatic and total shut-down of NAAEE's YouTube channel and all recordings. To prevent this, we will remove or mute any material that generates a copyright warning. This applies to all sessions, whether live or prerecorded.

SESSION ACCESS: All sessions are accessed through the PheedLoop platform. If you have not registered for the Annual Conference and/or Research Symposium, you will not have access to your session.

During the first week of October, you will be receive two separate invitations via PheedLoop. The first will provide the link to your private Speaker Portal where you manage the details of your session. The second will contain your login credentials to access the PheedLoop platform, where you will actually present and take part in conference and research symposium events.


  • To add session files to PheedLoop, you must access your Speaker Portal. An invitation with your individual portal link will be emailed via PheedLoop by October 4.  
  • You have the option of uploading files (25MB size limit per file) related to your session that you would like to share with attendees. Look for the “Session Files” tab on your portal home page. 
  • The only required uploads are poster presentations. Even if you uploaded an accompanying recording, all poster presentations should be uploaded to your speaker portal as a PDF.
  • You do not need to upload PowerPoints that you might be using for live presentations. See below for more information on live session logistics.
  • You will continue to have access to your speaker portal throughout the conference and research symposium and can add files later.


  • POSTERS: If you are presenting a poster session for the research symposium or the conference, you need to upload your poster PDF to your PheedLoop speaker portal. If you added your PDF to the upload drive, please re-upload it to PheedLoop per our original request. The upload drive was intended for recorded sessions only.
  • RECORDINGS: In the coming week, we will be adding all prerecorded sessions (including those that accompany posters) that were submitted to the upload drive as instructed. You do not need to upload your recorded session.
  • LATE RECORDINGS: If we did not receive your recording for an on-demand session that is NOT a poster and have not heard from you, we had to remove the session listing from the program on October 1. 
  • VIEWING ON-DEMAND SESSIONS: Click on link for Annual Conference Sessions or Research Symposium Sessions on PheedLoop’s navigation menu. Find your listing and click on the session image to begin the recording. You must hold a ticket for the appropriate event to access the sessions. 
  • CONTINUED ACCESS: All sessions will continue to be available for on-demand viewing through PheedLoop through March 2024.
  • CHAT: Each on-demand session has its own chat function on its session page, which you are encouraged to monitor actively.
  • CLOSED-CAPTIONING: Viewers of on-demand sessions can use YouTube's built-in closed captioning tool.


  • FORMAT: Each live session will be held in a regular Zoom meeting room, with all the tools available to any Zoom meeting, including polls, chat, and breakout rooms. You may also use Jamboard and other external applications.
  • ZOOM LINKS: You do not need and will not receive a Zoom link. You will enter your session through the PheedLoop platform using the login credentials that will be emailed to you as a registered participant. (This is not the same as your speaker portal.) 
  • MODERATORS: Each session will have a moderator who will manage the administrative side of the session, including monitoring the waiting room, helping with polls and breakout rooms, and assisting with participant behavior if anyone is disruptive—which we don't anticipate! Participants will be muted upon entry.
  • REPORTING FOR YOUR SESSION: Report to your session 15 minutes before the start time. Be wary of time zones; sessions are scheduled between 11:00 AM and 7:30 PM Eastern daylight time but—depending on your settings—may appear listed in your local time zone. Important: Verify your time zone on your PheedLoop account page linked on the left-side menu on the platform. 
  • EXCEPTION—RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM PANELS: If you part of a Research Symposium panel created by grouping individual sessions, report to your session 20 minutes before the start time to confirm the order of the presentations during the time block. The allotted time for each session is 15 minutes; this is per paper, not per presenter. We recommend limiting your session to one or two presenters. 
  • HOW TO ENTER: Navigate to your session via the Conference and Research Symposium Sessions links on the left-side menu. Click on the "starting soon" image, which contains the link to your session. You will enter the waiting room, and the moderator will admit you to the session.
  • TECH CHECKS: Moderators will admit registered presenters from the waiting room 15 minutes before the start of the session to test Internet connections, audio, and video, and finalize plans for breakout rooms and polls. The moderator will be prepared to help with technical issues and will be able to reach out for additional tech support in a timely fashion.
  • HOSTS AND CO-HOSTS: The moderator will host the meeting and will make presenters co-hosts. If using a slide presentation, presenters will share their own screens and advance their own slides.
  • USING POWERPOINT: We suggest that one person be responsible for sharing all PowerPoints and videos associated with the session to avoid having to change shared screens. If you have multiple presenters, we recommend that each person have a copy of the file cued up as a backup should an Internet connection become unstable during the session. You may also want to share the file with your session moderator. You do NOT need to upload your PowerPoint to your speaker portal.
  • VIEWING LIVE SESSIONS: Live sessions will be listed in time order on the appropriate "Sessions" tab on the PheedLoop platform. Each session will have a "starting soon" image that will admit attendees to the waiting room, which the moderator will open and monitor.
  • CONTINUED ACCESS: All live sessions will be recorded and will continue to be available for on-demand viewing through PheedLoop for six months.
  • CHAT: Chat will be available through Zoom. If you wish to save the chat for your session, you should download it on your own by clicking on "Save Chat" under the three dots menu in the chat.
  • CLOSED-CAPTIONING: Zoom's closed-captioning service will be available and provides options in several languages. 

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