2022 Research Symposium: Call for Presentations


Submissions Deadline EXTENDED: May 4, 2022



OCTOBER 11–12, 2022
With both in-person and virtual options

The North American Association for Environmental Education seeks compelling proposals for our 19th Annual Research Symposium that speak to the overall conference theme, Educating for Change. We invite researchers, policymakers, and practitioners at all stages of their careers to share their research. We welcome new and established researchers from North America and beyond and especially encourage graduate student submissions.

We strongly encourage proposals about ongoing research and studies in their initial stages, or discussion topics related to EE research (e.g., emerging theories, methodologies). We welcome submissions about completed research and evaluation projects in selected formats for the Research Symposium or the “Linking Research and Practice to Increase Impact” strand of the general NAAEE conference.

We welcome submissions that promote dialogue as we confront myriad challenges ranging from climate change to environmental, economic, and racial injustices. Presenters are invited to address topics that may include methods and theory (e.g., decolonizing methodologies, theories of empowerment, post-humanism, new materialism, ecoaesthetics, ecopsychology, storytelling, practice-embedded research) and pedagogy and programming (e.g., climate change education, community-based learning, culturally relevant pedagogy, civic action, common world pedagogy, public pedagogy, and teaching activism).

Session Formats and Delivery Options

Delivery Options

The Research Symposium is a hybrid event. Sessions may be presented in-person or virtually, although some session formats are restricted to one delivery option (see chart below). Please make sure you understand these options before selecting your preferred delivery method. You will need to choose between the in-person or virtual options for each submission; you cannot submit the same proposal twice. NAAEE may accept your proposal but shift it to an alternative format or delivery option.

A single presenter may elect to submit proposals for both in-person and virtual formats, but not for the same presentation. For example, a presenter may propose a 10-minute prerecorded research presentation highlighting a recently completed study to be posted on the virtual platform and an in-person roundtable discussing a particular method, theory, or pedagogical approach of interest. However, a presenter should not propose the same roundtable for both in-person and virtual formats.

In-Person Sessions:

  • Scheduled and presented once during the two-day symposium (October 11–12) in Tucson
  • Must have at least one registered in-person presenter but may include prerecorded segments to help accommodate international presenters in different time zones and those unable to attend in person
  • Will not be recorded for on-demand viewing after the symposium and are available only to those joining us in Tucson

Virtual Live Sessions:

  • Scheduled once and presented live via Zoom during regular symposium hours (8:30 AM–5:00 PM Mountain Standard Time)
  • Available to both virtual and in-person attendees
  • Will be recorded for on-demand viewing after the symposium
  • We can accept only a small number of virtual live sessions (4–6 panels, 4–6 roundtables, and 1 or 2 workshops)

Virtual Prerecorded Sessions:

  • Must be prerecorded and submitted as mp4 files with accompanying PDFs by September 16 to allow time for posting
  • Available throughout the symposium for on-demand asynchronous viewing (no scheduled presentation time)
  • Formats include panels and presentations

Session Format

Available Delivery Options



Scheduled for delivery during the symposium in Tucson

Virtual Live

Scheduled for live delivery via Zoom during the symposium


Prerecorded as mp4 files and submitted by September 16

Research Posters




Research Roundtables




Research Panels




Research Presentations




Research Workshops




Session Formats

Research Panel

Delivery options: In-person, live virtual, or prerecorded virtual

In research panels, three or four presenters focus on a question or challenge related to EE research and explore it from various perspectives. These 45-minute sessions include short presentations by each panelist, reserving at least 15 minutes for discussion with attendees. Submit full panels that identify a moderator and at least three panelists.

Research Poster

Delivery option: In-person

Posters offer a venue for sharing and discussing completed studies on a range of topics, methodologies, approaches, and challenges in EE research. They are two-dimensional printed presentations most often created using Adobe InDesign or Illustrator, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft PowerPoint, Canva, and similar applications. Posters may be up to 36 x 48 inches in size and displayed on portable bulletin boards for in-person attendees to review at leisure throughout the symposium. Presenters will have a chance to pitch their posters and stand beside them to answer questions during a scheduled poster session.

Research Presentations

Delivery option: Prerecorded virtual

New this year is an option for short (up to 10 minutes) prerecorded presentations that focus on completed or ongoing research for on-demand asynchronous viewing through the online portal. These may include video abstracts, narrated PowerPoint presentations, or other formats within the 10-minute allotment. Presenters are required to upload associated mp4 and PDF files by September 16.

Research Roundtable

Delivery options: In-person or live virtual

Roundtable discussions center on reviews, questions, and challenges related to EE research. The 45-minute session begins with a brief presentation to frame the topic, followed by a spirited group discussion. Multiple roundtables are scheduled simultaneously in the same large room for in-person attendees; virtual roundtables will be held live via Zoom for virtual or in-person attendees.

Research Workshop

Delivery options: In-person or live virtual

Research workshops are skill-building sessions intended to help develop critical competencies related to EE research. These 60-minute sessions should have multiple presenters/facilitators and be as interactive as possible. Workshops jointly proposed by teams of graduate students and researchers from more than one institution are encouraged.

Review Criteria

A peer review team will evaluate and rate all session proposals, coordinated by the Research Symposium co-chairs. Co-chairs will select proposals based on reviewer scores, balancing a range of topics and with particular attention to sessions that advance equity and inclusion in EE. Accordingly, presenters will be asked to choose from a range of keywords when submitting proposals to assist in finalizing the program.

Reviewers will apply the criteria below when evaluating proposals. Please address each bullet in your proposal(s), providing enough detail for reviewers to fully understand your plans.

Proposals will be assessed by how well they:

  • Identify theoretical frameworks and cite literature informing the approach to the topic
  • Provide sufficient detail to understand the content of the proposed session
  • Explain how the session will inform and advance the EE and/or EE research field
  • Explain why the session is appropriate for the selected format (e.g., completed projects should be proposed only as posters or prerecorded sessions)
  • Explain how the session will engage the audience in ways appropriate to the selected delivery option (in-person or virtual)

How to Submit a Proposal

Proposals must be submitted online by 11:59 PM PST on May 4, 2022. You may find it helpful to download a blank form from the NAAEE website and use it to draft your proposal. Save the form on your computer, and then transfer (cut and paste) the information to the online submission system.

  1. You must have an account in NAAEE’s eePRO directory and be logged in on the NAAEE website before you can submit a proposal. Note: All individuals associated with your proposal need to have an eePROfile that has been linked to the online conference management system before you will be able to add their names to your online submission.

We also recommend joining NAAEE’s Research and Evaluation eePRO Group to receive news and updates about the Research Symposium.

Log in or create a new eePRO account >>

Creating multiple accounts can cause problems with your ability to submit and edit your proposal(s). If you’re unsure whether you have an existing account or whether your account email address is current, we’re happy to assist. To avoid confusion, we encourage you to contact NAAEE to check on your account status. 

Need help with login? Email Ariel Lumpkins or call (202) 419-0412.

  1. After login, click on the “Submit/Edit Proposals” link to connect to the conference proposal management system.
  2. Select “Research Symposium” and follow the directions for online submission. Click on the “Accept and Continue” button on each page until you reach the final confirmation page.
  3. When you have successfully submitted your proposal, you will receive a confirmation message at the email address in your NAAEE profile. The message comes from Do_Not_Reply @AllAcademic.com, which some mail filters stop. Please check for receipt and make sure the “@allacademic.com” domain is in your safe sender list.
  4. You can edit any of the information in your proposal until the May 4 submission deadline by (1) logging in to your NAAEE account, (2) clicking on the “Submit/Edit Proposals” link on your eePROfile page, and (3) selecting the proposal from the list on your All Academic home page.

Important Notes About Presenters and Registration

NAAEE depends on registration fees to cover symposium expenses and cannot provide waivers or discounts to presenters.

All in-person presenters and co-presenters are required to register and pay published in-person fees for the symposium.

All virtual presenters and co-presenters are required to register and pay published virtual fees for the symposium.

NAAEE has not yet finalized fees, but we expect registration for current NAAEE members to be about $300 for professionals and $175 for students for the in-person symposium, and $160 and $100 for the virtual symposium. NAAEE will also offer nonmember rates. Once fees are finalized, we will post information on registration and scholarships on our website. There is a separate registration fee for the NAAEE Conference.

All presenters must confirm their participation by registering for the Research Symposium by September 1, 2022.

If your proposal is accepted, you will have an additional opportunity to finalize session information after receiving your acceptance notice. At this point, you will be asked to commit to in-person or virtual delivery.


As a first step, please check the Frequently Asked Questions on the NAAEE website for help submitting proposals. If you still need assistance, please contact us.

Contact the Research Symposium co-chairs, Kathryn Stevenson (North Carolina State University) and Scott Morrison (Elon University), with questions or suggestions about the format and content of sessions and recommendations for keynotes.

Download the Research Symposium Call for Presentations PDF >